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ęLIBOILĽ Limited Liability Company
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Oil-extraction plant in the Lipetsk region that specializes in the rapeseed processing. Besides rapeseed the company also processes sunflower. In the near future it intends to work with such oil-bearing crops as soybeans, flax and false flax. Modern hi-tech equipment available to the company allows to produce high quality finished products that are fully certified and meet not only the Russian regulatory requirements but also with all European standards.
Currently the company produce rapeseed oil and sunflower oil and also meal which is a byproduct of vegetable oils manufacture and an integral component in the production of high protein animal feed stuff.
-- The plant is situated within 10 km from Lipetsk in Sentsovo.
-- It has its own railway tracks connected with the federal railway line.
-- The plant possesses a great source of raw materials for efficient production capacity and integrated PRODUCT release.
-- The company is supported by the biggest banks of the Russian Federation and cooperates with them on concessionary terms.
The Mission of the company

The company's mission is environmental and food safety. Oil is produced from renewable sources - plant roughage. Rapeseed oil can be used for biofuel production which opens an alternative way to solve environmental problems and get rid of oil dependancy. High protein rapeseed meal produced by LIBOIL, ltd is an environmentally friendly component in animal feeding. Safe diet components for animals later will provide healthy food for humans. The company's activity is a large contribution to the society food security program.

The aims of the company
The company is looking for a reliable wholesaler to conclude a long-term treaty on delivery of unrefined repeseed oil in the amount of:
Year Rapeseed oil, tons per year DC rapeseed meal, tons per year
2008-2009 80 000 110 000
2009-2010 120 000 170 000 ooo_liboil tel/fax: +7 4742 240023 398540, Russia, Lipetsk region, Sentovo, Rapsovaya st., 1